My Philosophy

I am originally from Texas, home of a very curated aesthetic and no foreigner to dramatic make-up and hair. However, my formative years of artistry were found under the guidance of Laura Mercier and her flawless face philosophy. As one of my clients once said… “You don’t make us beautiful.. you just make our beauty more obvious.”

That has become one of the most formative mantras of how and why I do what I do. Just last week, I finished styling a beautiful mother-to-be, and her husband walked in and said… “wow, you are so beautiful. I get to be married to you.” Those are the moments for which all the work I do is worth it. It is a powerful thing to be beheld by our beloved, to be known and cherished and affirmed.

While we don’t get to be glamorous every day of our lives, (at least I certainly don’t!), and my husband does love to behold me in the hilarity of all sorts of clothing, make-up states and informality – those sweet and adoring moments of awe are why I love weddings, portrait sessions with couples and working with young women.

As women, we’re constantly trying to navigate this lyrical and seemingly elusive word called beauty, but we know, in those moments of beholding that it is more than our face, our body – but our entire self that radiates and the comfort of caring for yourself, of engaging with the palette of our skin and enjoying the opportunity to play with color and light is a powerful gift to ourselves. And I relish the opportunity.

Photo: Eric Kelley